Barcode Inventory & Tracking System

Barcode Control System

Xtreme automation includes just the following solution for access control management in various industry areas, including membership-based organizations, industries, gymnasiums, casinos, and convention centers. Access control system based on mobile applications. This system functions in the same way as simple locks and keys do in the home, except it uses QR codes or barcodes. The barcode control system is an advanced automated method for preventing unlawful access to physical, intellectual, and human assets. Because everyone now has a smartphone, it provides smart card cost savings.

The barcode control system works with any door type, including wooden, glass, and metal. Only approved registered members will receive the QR code from their service provider.


Mobile applications can also obtain valid and unique QR codes to access the barcode control system. A cloud-based online billing module may be linked with the barcode control system. It’s a remarkably resilient, flexible, scalable, and feature-rich Access Control system that can also be used to track employee or student attendance—customized to fulfill the access control standards of every business, irrespective of the size, region, format, or work schedules. Reports may be issued using a pc application with a range of options in Excel and PDF formats. Personalized access regulations for different sorts of staff, such as Central Employees, Indirect Employees, and Guests, are backed by a barcode control system. This method may be used both online and offline. It can keep access logs in offline mode, then send them to the central server once the system is up. It will employ Microsoft SQL Server or a cloud-based server as a server database. The barcode control system includes an auto-generated email function, which generates day access reports to pre-defined addresses.

Barcode Inventory & Tracking System

Barcode Inventory System

Our company, Xtreme Automation, was founded on the barcode. Without it, the label business would not have grown as much over the last two decades. It’s laid-back to overlook that some companies are only beginning to barcode and label their products. This article is for clients who are just getting started with barcodes and need an appropriate starting point. Inventory management is critical for many firms, huge and small. Though tracking inventory by hand or with spreadsheets is conceivable, adopting a barcode catalog system is far more effective in the long term. Through a barcode inventory system, you can take control of your inventory and save time, money, and unneeded effort.

With more inventory to handle, a barcode control system becomes more and more vital as a firm expands. Implementing one today can help you prepare for the future while also providing several benefits in the interim!

Keeping inventory by hand is substantially less precise than using a barcode control system. Human error is greatly reduced with barcodes, and your inventory data is more accurate. Studies suggest that for every 250 keystrokes, a person will make at least one data-entry error. One inaccuracy occurs per 36 trillion characters scanned by a machine.

You can easily know what you are left with and what you don’t with barcodes. When anything is bought from your store, you may scan the barcode and remove it from your stock records. You’ll always have updated stock information to make informed business decisions throughout the day.