Grain Handling Great Automation And Computer Technology

Grain handling and storage have changed due to great automation and computer technology advancements over the several years. Changes will promptly continue in the years ahead with innovations in electronics. Grain storage structures are an essential part of grain production. Bins are well preserved to deter pest and environmental aspects such as moisture from affecting grain quality. Grain Handling capabilities are built around grain bins and the need to store, dry, or move grain from storage to managing to transportation, for moving industrial quantities of grain from bin-to-bin, from trunk to dryer, from bin to railcar, or from container to the truck, Skyway.

Grain handling safety standards are important to every grain storage facility. The agricultural business is no stranger to operational risks regarding on-site equipment and processing techniques. However, you can avoid multiple everyday grain handling hazards by equipping your facility with durable, corruption-resistant devices

What equipment is used for grain handling


XTREME AUTOMATION bucket grain elevator controls system is designed and built to high requirements, ensuring that the owner receives a plan that will last for multiple years with minimal maintenance and downtime. To produce solid, reliable systems, we use the most significant advancements in production technology and innovative techniques. We offered with painted, sheet metal galvanized, or hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Bucket Elevator Support Towers

Support towers can customize to any height, wind speed, area, or geography. Bucket elevator towers, catwalk support towers, platforms, access bracing, bin peak supports, superstructures, and accessories are among the support tower goods offered by the companies listed below. Look through the products and contact the firm for more information. Our support has a standard galvanized ladder and safety cages in 4′ or 8′ lengths. Removable covers in trucking for convenient inspection & service to belts and cups.

Horizontal & Incline Drag conveyors

Drag conveyors are not unlike most further conveyors in terms of operation – a motor powers an endless single or double-stranded chain of flights which pulls or “drags” material through the bottom of the conveyor. Drag conveyors are normally designed to convey “control-fed” items into the trough region. Still, they can also be built to transfer “choke-fed products.” Our drag conveyor capacity reaches its maximum (plus 18,000 cu ft/hour) when the material can be hand with care (material is pulled along, not tumbled or agitated). The round bottom drags are employed when a trough needs to be cleaned out. Incline Drag Conveyor is constructed entirely of galvanized steel for extended life and inexpensive maintenance. Inclines up to 60 degrees and capacity up to 25,000 bushels per hour are among the features of our incline drag conveyor.

Distributor Platforms

XTREME AUTOMATION offers a wide range of distributors and accessories to aid in distributing grain or other materials to multi-bin handling. XTREME AUTOMATION helps you get your product where it needs to go, from whole grains to feed to fertilizer. Choose from a variety of common distributor sizes and configurations. Flatback, 360° full round and swing distributors with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 outputs and diameters ranging from 6 to 24 inches are available (152- to 610-mm). There are both manual and electronic types available. Our skilled team can also create distributors to your exact specifications.

Main Elevator Platforms

XTREME AUTOMATION Main Elevator Platforms are designed as a service platform for the bucket elevator head and components. Galvanized construction extends equipment life. Expanded steel grated flooring, wrap-around design, and safety hand railing provide a safe way to service the engine, bearings, and other places of the drive portion of your bucket elevator.

Dump Pits

XTREME AUTOMATION Dump Pits system is a quick way to get your crops into storage; one of  XTREME AUTOMATION systems can receive 1000 bushels from a hopper bottom truck in under two minutes. Several sizes and configurations to meet your operation.