Custom Automation Control System

Custom Automation

Time is something that you will notice we like to spend with our customers because while we are experts in our industry, our customers are the experts in theirs. So, we need to make sure that we work together to find the solution that will be the perfect fit.

Custom Automation can be many different things for example barcode scanning, inventory tracking, alerts via text message or email, roll tickets printing receipts for transactions so you can be legal for trade, and many other things. Custom Automation is especially important if you need to properly mix chemicals with a high level of accuracy.


Xtreme Automation offers many advanced features to put you in control. You want to make sure that you can remote login and verify that your employees are doing things correctly, and be able to run reports to figure out how your business was doing that day or the last six months. Maybe you need a system that can integrate with bookkeeping. Xtreme Automation is there for you.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to custom batching, motor control panels, VFD panels, irrigation systems, Grow systems, solar, wastewater, fertilizer, and pretty much anything you need outside of the aerospace industry. Most of the systems that we design have touchscreen controls. We love where technology is.

But we do always recommend having a backup such as a hand-off auto selector switch. Because during an emergency, it’s nice to have a backup. There are many options that we will discuss with you during the consultation. Sometimes those options will lead to ideas to simplify your system – by simplifying the automation, the equipment needs, or other means. We do not try to upsell you on equipment because we are not an equipment manufacturing company. We just focus on providing the automation controls. Our salesmen are not commission-based, so they will not try to upsell you.


Custom Automation controls don’t have to be something fancy and use a PLC or a touchscreen. That is the most common for our customer’s applications, but we are glad to provide simple control systems such as on/off push button motor starter panels. We can create affordable systems that turn on/off based on a sensor or timer. We want our customers to feel like they have a reliable system that meets their needs and doesn’t break the bank. Customers that want the more expensive systems often are reducing labor costs, preventing waste, needing high precision, or meeting high safety standards.

We provide luxury control systems, but we try to sell them based on needs rather than cost. For example, if you need a truck, we wouldn’t want a salesman to sell you on a semi-truck when an F150 is all you truly need. And you don’t want somebody to undersell you due to a lack of understanding. Xtreme Automation provides multiple quote options with different features and price points, explains all the differences, and lets the customer decide. No pressure, no hurry up and buy, no expecting the customer to pick without knowing what they are getting.

When you buy a custom automation system from Xtreme Automation you buy it with confidence. We simply want to make sure that you have the information needed to make the right choice. And we want to make sure that you have a system that we feel comfortable supporting.

There are many companies with salespeople who do not know much about the systems they are selling; they just know how to sell. That often results in very expensive headaches for the customers. We like to provide solutions that work. Our solutions typically have a five-year warranty. And we offer 24-hour support, along with the opportunity for us to go on-site to help with starting up the system and training the operators.

All our controls are something that we really stand behind. We view our customers as partners in the business together; your success is our success and vice versa. Most of our marketing is from references, so getting a good review from you is very important. And we know that we won’t get that if you’re not satisfied with the product. We also know that a lot of our sales are based on continued relationships with the customers that we already have. We want you to love the system that we provide so that when you add on to your facility or you open a new location, Xtreme Automation is who you call.

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