Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation- What is it? This is a question I’m asked every time I tell somebody what I do for a living. Some people know what automation is and think we can do it all. I’ve gotten calls from people asking for help with their smart light bulbs, massage chairs, home security systems, and all sorts of things. Not all doctors are the same and not all engineering is the same. I wouldn’t go to a dentist if I needed a kidney transplant. So, for that reason, I think it would be helpful to explain what Industrial Automation is and is not.


Xtreme Automation is an Industrial Automation system provider. We specialize in custom motor control panel design, building control panels, and programming PLCs. There are things considered to be a part of Industrial Automation that we do not specialize in. Currently, we do not do anything in the Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, or anything with power plants.
There is an expression “Jack of all trades but master of none.”

That is not what we want our motto to be. If we are in a specific industry, it’s due to our confidence in the project’s success, not our lack of self-control to cash a check. Industrial Automation is something that we take very seriously.  Often people will invest in a control system to help their business grow or to improve safety.
When people make that investment with us, we feel a sense of commitment to deliver a good quality product and provide the support needed. You might be wondering what types of Industrial Automation does Xtreme specializes in? If not, now you are so I’ll share with you.


Xtreme Automation specializes in All custom panel building. This includes, but is not limited to, manual control panels, HOA control panels, touchscreen control panels that we program, or we can build so you can program the system. We like to work with our customers, so we don’t force our services by saying it’s all or nothing.
We also don’t act like we are too good for small simple systems like a simple pump panel. Each one of our customers is important and when they put their trust in us, we make sure we deliver. When it comes to Industrial Automation, we will always suggest letting us provide a turnkey package when possible.

We do not suggest this so we can make more money, but so we can support our customers to the fullest extent and ensure safety.
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