Automation Control Systems

automation control systems

In case you are new to the world, you might have realized that automation control systems are taking over. Automation control systems are everywhere. Some have been here for a long time, and you just haven’t learned how many there are. For example, gas stations have automation controlling the pumps; they can pump a specific amount of product based on either volume or price. Vending machines have simple automation control systems, people just don’t typically think about them as automation control systems because they don’t often have a touchscreen display.


Automation control systems can be simple, or they can be out of this world. Xtreme Automation does not like to upsell our customers or overly complicate the control systems; we like to build our automation control systems to suit the customer’s specific needs. We like to know the basic objective and brainstorm with the customer. Through this process, we are often able to determine the next step forward to achieving the best results. And it’s normally something related to saving money or fixing a problem. All industries are looking for ways to reduce mistakes, simplify processes, make jobs more accessible, and get a better ROI on their investment. Automation control systems not only do that in most cases but also help with improving workplace safety.


We know insurance is expensive, and that customers are always in a hurry and expect things to be perfect. That’s why Xtreme Automation is in business, we are not here to eliminate people’s jobs. We know our customers don’t want to spend the money on automation if it doesn’t help them with some type of issue or if it doesn’t provide a return on their investment. We like to start the first consultation by asking what is more important a return on investment or fixing an actual issue, but we can often achieve both. Some companies’ money isn’t even a factor, for them, it’s all about safety and/or efficiency. For other companies it’s the opposite: safety isn’t a concern (not all places are dangerous), but money is. Xtreme Automation is very familiar with Arc Flash, Short circuit ratings, interlocks, e-stops, temperature sensors, bearing sensors, slip sensors, chain break, pressure, dust, and explosion-proof standards. You can rest assured that all our systems are thoroughly tested prior to shipping and in most of our systems we are able to log in remotely to ensure there aren’t any bugs in the software. And there is always an option to have a member of our team go onsite for testing/training.

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